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In collaboration with the brand, KLINT, the skis ROCKSTAR are full of energy for the winter. Launch-you are in the backcountry or snowpark and send in your best tricks with skis light, maneuverable and playful. Learn more


Created by the famous brand of energy drinks, skis, ROCKSTAR, fully reflect the values of the brand, and provide you with a unique sensation of gliding. Designed for the backcountry, freeride and freestyle, these skis ensure you'll manoeuvrability and stability on any type of terrain in order to gain confidence and increase your performance at your own pace.


The ROCKSTAR kid's ski pack ARCHITEXT is open to all young skiers who want to start in the freestyle. Both handy and fun, these skis freestyle flex flexible will allow young riders to send off tricks with ease and confidence at the park. They will be able to combine the modules and the rails with a maximum of pleasure ! In addition, the pack ski-ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK junior will delight the skiers involved. Also performance on groomed snow and in the powder, these skis are versatile to ensure stability, buoyancy and manoeuvrability in all circumstances.