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It was in 1947, in Annecy, Haute-Savoie, that this society was born that would reign for decades in the world of the mountains. Founded by François SALOMON , it specializes in sporting goods. The brand's history begins in a workshop of wood saws and ski edges.  Learn more


Thanks to the inventiveness of its creator, the company will gradually establish itself as one of the world's leading ski bindings before becoming one of the most innovative ski and SALOMON ski boots manufacturers in the world. 

Many innovations in the world of winter sports are to be put on account of this company. In 1948, the very first cable attachment was built in the company's workshops. In 1957, it was the skade (safety stop) that revolutionized the way of skiing for all the fans of this discipline. A key step is taken with the appearance of the lift, a unique fastening system that will quickly replace the traditional leather strips. Once again, the brand plays a major role in the evolution of the world of skiing thanks to its regular technical innovations. 

Another key moment in the brand's history came in 1966, with the appearance of the automatic-unlocking heel attachment. The company is taking advantage of the World Alpine Ski Championships in Portillo, Chile, to experience this new technology at the highest level with undeniable success. During this period, the company took the opportunity to develop an extensive network of subsidiaries throughout Switzerland, Germany and Austria. 


During the 1970s, the brand continued its irresistible rise and became the world's number one ski binding industry. At the same time, it will develop a range of clothing, ski boots and mountain accessories that will experience an identical craze. After several acquisitions notably by Adidas in 1997, the Salomon brand finally joined the Amer Sports group in 2005. Whatever their level of practice, amateurs are sure to find a pair of used skis or new skis at this manufacturer to suit their expectations. 

Present in more than 160 countries and having made mountain sports its main credo, the brand is still a reference for millions of skiers. Whether it's SALOMON used skisSALOMON ski boots or its range of clothing dedicated to mountain practice, the quality of its products keeps it high lying with fans around the world. Having always been at the forefront of innovation in the ski sector, the brand was the subject of a consecration in 2013 when it was awarded the Best Overall Sli Manufacturer award at the World Snow Awards.