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Founded in 1962 in the United States by the Kirshner brothers, the K2 brand specializes in the manufacture and distribution of high performance skis. More than 50 years after its creation, this brand continues to federate within the community of snow sports enthusiasts and asserts its reputation in the world of winter sports. Learn more


Particularly imaginative, the Kirshner brothers had the idea, revolutionary at the time, to use fiberglass to build pairs of skis that were lighter than the models available on the market at the time. Much less rigid, more pleasant to use and sharper in the turns, this new generation ski earned the brand an international reputation that allowed it to compete with its European competitors.

The brand has always been able to offer items that exceed the expectations of winter sports enthusiasts. K2 skis meet the needs of both the top athlete and the novice. Avant-gardism is one of the trademarks of this manufacturer, which seeks to impose itself in all disciplines of skiing and snowboarding. It was during the 1990s that the brand began to take a new turn with its remarkable entry into the freeride, freestyle and freeskiing sector.

50 years after its appearance, this brand of equipment for winter sports is still one of the most famous in the United States. Qualified as a "generalist" for its ability to be present in all segments of snowsports with undeniable success, the brand excels in the design of products that combine performance and thrills, whatever the level of practice. Any K2 ski or one of its second-hand skis will allow you to live your passion for skiing in an intense way. As a sign of the insolent health of this ski manufacturer, whose irresistible ascent cannot be stopped by any competitor, the company has bought out several European competitors, such as the German manufacturers Marker and Volkl, two well-known names among mountain and snow sports enthusiasts of all disciplines. Innovative, avant-garde and versatile, this brand is still making a name for itself.


Whatever your favourite discipline, the K2 used ski packs and the K2 women's used ski packs will contribute greatly to the pleasure of skiing. Designed to take you on all terrains, K2 used skis combine technology and performance to guarantee maximum sensations. Discover also our K2 used snowboards which will guide you to still virgin snowy slopes. Make your own track and enjoy every day of riding!