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A true spearhead of innovation in winter sports equipment, the brand contributed to writing the first pages of modern ski history by registering the Olympic ski patent in 1941. Equipped with this revolutionary pair of skis for the time, the champion Henri Oreiller became the very first Frenchman to be crowned Olympic champion. The following decades will allow the brand to establish its leading position in terms of pairs and ski boots and it will begin its international expansion. Learn more

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In 1907, the French company ROSSIGNOL was founded, specialising in the manufacture of winter sports equipment. Its creator, who was a carpenter and ski lover, designed his very first model of wooden skis. The 30's will see the practice of skiing become widespread, particularly with the arrival of new technologies to which the brand brings an undeniable added value. The year 1937 marks a new turning point in the history of the manufacturer since it is thanks to his Olympic 41 skis that the skier Emile Allais becomes world champion. The popularity of the brand had only just begun.

In 1964, the French manufacturer once again scored a big coup with the release of the Strato1, his very first pair of fiberglass skis. The success is resounding worldwide. Continuously diversifying its offer and offering models of skis for different disciplines, the brand is positioned during the 70s on the market for cross-country skis. Many athletes distinguish themselves in the biggest competitions by using the brand's equipment. This is notably the case at the Calgary Olympic Games during which no less than 6 gold medallists out of 10 of the alpine skiing events were wearing equipment signed Rossignol.


Always at the forefront of the major developments in winter sports, the brand began the early 1990s with an interest in the field of bindings. To do so, it acquired the Look brand. At the same time, and in a context where snowboarding is starting to become very popular, the manufacturer begins to offer models adapted to this discipline of gliding. Second-hand skis, pairs and quality ROSSIGNOL ski boots, etc... the brand's catalogue is particularly extensive.

In 2005, the Quicksilver group bought out the brand, which will then be acquired in 2013 by the Altor Equity Partners group. A true reference for millions of snow sports enthusiasts, the brand has a solid base of loyal customers throughout the world. Whether it is ski boots, ROSSIGNOL second-hand skis or winter sports clothing, this French manufacturer remains a key player in the sector and continues to offer major innovations such as the release of its Sli Pursuit application, which offers the possibility of recording its releases. Discover all our ROSSIGNOL men's ski pack, women and children on our website.