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Founded in 2007, the COREUPT brand offers a range of high performance freeride skis. Tested by some of the biggest names in skiing, its models appeal to the most avid powder enthusiasts. Find on Ski Occas COREUPT skis and ski packs for unique ride sessions! Learn more



To say that this mark has come a long way is an understatement. At the time of its creation in 2007, COREUPT fulfilled all the conditions required to take its rightful place in the world of skiing and snow sports. Offering a range of particularly high-performance equipment and relying on partnerships with some of the most emblematic figures in freeskiing, the COREUPT brand was overtaken by its success and, after serious cash flow difficulties, it was placed in receivership in 2012.

It is from this date that this initial failure will gradually turn into a success. The brand will rise from its ashes under the name The quality is clearly there and the company specialized in freeski equipment will quickly make you forget this first setback. In a context where the demands for professional technical equipment are constantly increasing, the brand has a boulevard to restore its image and seduce the world of top level skiing once again. This rebirth is all the more facilitated by the fact that some great athletes, such as Kevin Rolland and Justin Dorey, two great names in freestyle skiing on the international scene and formerly sponsored by the brand, remain deeply attached to the quality of its equipment.

Building on this first-rate loyalty, the brand will be relaunched under the name at the end of 2012. Among its new ambitions is to refocus on its products by drawing on the various lessons learned from past mistakes. Its second-hand skis and freestyle ski models allow it to achieve results well beyond expectations. In just a few months, several magazines specializing in winter sports equipment were unanimous in awarding five times the title of "best ski" to the new brand's various creations.


For all those who love virgin slopes and fresh snow, discover COREUPT used skis. In men's used ski pack and women's used ski pack, find all the technicality of the COREUPT brand in used freeride sk is entirely repaired by our team of experts. Take control of your runs and ride like a pro with the COREUPT CANDIDE ski pack. Created in collaboration with the famous skier Candide Thovex, these skis will allow you to send your best tricks to the snowpark. Handy and forgiving, gain in performance with each outing!