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Founded in 2007, the COREUPT brand offers a range of high-performance freeride skis. Tested by big names in skiing, its models seduce the most powder-loving. Find COREUPT skis and ski packs on Ski Occas for unique ride sessions! Learn more

COREUPT : the freeride specialist

Say that this brand comes from far away is the understatement. At its inception in 2007, COREUPT fulfilled all the conditions required to make it a beautiful place in the world of skiing and sliding sports. Offering a range of facilities with a particularly high level and building on partnerships with some of the most representative figures of the freeski, the brand COREUPT , is exceeded by his success and at the end of a serious cash-flow difficulties, it is placed in judicial liquidation in 2012.

It is from this date that the first failure will gradually turn into successful. The brand will be reborn from its ashes under the name of The quality is clearly at the rendezvous and the company specialized in the hardware of freeski will quickly make you forget this first setback. In a context where the requirements for technical equipment professionals are constantly increasing, the brand has a boulevard in order to restore its image and win back the universe of the top-level skiing. This renaissance is all the more facilitated by the fact that some of the major athletes, with the image of Kevin Rolland and Justin Dorey, two big names of freestyle skiing on the international scene and formerly sponsored by the brand, remain deeply committed to the quality of his materials.

Relying on this loyalty of the first order, the brand is re-launched under the name of at year-end 2012. Among its new ambitions is to refocus on its products based on the various lessons learned from the mistakes of the past. His models of skis or ski freestyle occasion allow him to get results well beyond expectations. In just a few months, several magazines specialized in winter sports equipment are unanimous and allocate five times the title of "best ski" to the different creations of the new brand.

COREUPT : all our used skis

For all the followers of slope, blank and fresh snow, check out the used skis COREUPT. Into COREUPT men's ski pack and women's ski pack, find out all the technical sophistication of the brand COREUPT in freeride skis used , fully repaired by our team of experts. Take control of your runs and ride like a pro with the pack ski COREUPT CANDIDE. Created in collaboration with the renowned skier Candide Thovex, these skis will allow you to send your best tricks at the snowpark. Manoeuvrable and tolerant, gain performance with every release !