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Created for enthusiasts of skiing, the skis KÄSTLE reflects all the know-how of the brand through decades of research and development. That is precisely tailored to the requirements of each practice, KÄSTLE highlights the quality of his skis and promises a unique experience of gliding. Learn more


Created in 1924 by a wheelwright, the brand KÄSTLE is today synonymous with reliability and quality. A pioneer in the manufacture of cross-country skis, KÄSTLE develop all of its skis in Austria. Offering a wide range from skiing to trail all-mountain, the mark of Anton Kästle is a real success story. KÄSTLE is going to equip the big names in alpine skiing such as Toni Sailer Olympic Games and the skiing world Cup with a total of 132 medals to his credit.

The skis KÄSTLE are now references on the market of winter sports thanks to their clean design and their innovation. In fact, the brand has applied the know-how for competition skis to the range of all-mountain. Thus, the brand exceeds customer expectations and offers an alliance between quality, passion and experience.


The pack ski KÄSTLE FX-74 is an all-mountain very handy and easy to take in hand. Offering a maximum feeling of glide, these skis are versatile and provide you an excellent stability to go from the track to off-track in a blink of an eye. In addition, they are equipped with a double rocker that allow you to gain control and power at each exit of the turn. As for the pack skiing hiking KÄSTLE FX 84, they will be your best allies to reach peaks. 84 m of skating you will have a good stability and an optimised power transmission. In addition you will enjoy unique experiences of gliding during descent with a fluidity and unmatched comfort. Check out other skis KÄSTLE on our site, SKIING OPPORTUNITY and get tips from our experts passionate about mountain sports !