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In 1930, brothers Adriano and Oddone Vaccari founded NORDICA , a shoe factory for various leisure activities. It was during the post-war period that the company decided to take a decisive turn by specializing in ski boots.  Learn more


The history of the NORDICA brand was rapidly accelerated when skier Zeno Colo became world champion in free downhill and giant slalom in 1950 wearing the brand's equipment. The latter gave the name Zeno to one of his NORDICA ski boots star of the time. 

Always very reactive in terms of technical developments in the ski sector, the brand will definitely establish its worldwide reputation during the 1960s by offering a closure system invented in Austria and implemented for the first time by the brand itself: the hook. The famous Italian manufacturer did not leave it at that, since it had been selling a revolutionary ski shoe for the time since 1963: the polyurethane shoe. Decidedly very successful for the growth of the company, the 1960s will also see it make decisive and winning technical choices such as that of plasticizing the upper of the ski boot, traditionally leather, with the help of Polyurethane. 

In 1970, the Italian brand expanded its international influence by creating its first-ever U.S. subsidiary through an agreement with another renowned equipment manufacturer, Rossignol. The expansion does not stop there since other subsidiaries are born in Japan, France or Germany. 


It was in 2003 that the brand was acquired by the Tecnica group. From then on, it will focus its strategy on the racing and competition segment. Very present in high-level skiing, the manufacturer does not forget the lovers of skiing as a whole by continuing to offer used skis of quality and reliability. 

With inexhaustible creativity, the brand released in 2006 a new fastening system, the XBI, which in turn is an undeniable success with the community of ski enthusiasts. With more than 70 years of experience and love of skiing in all its forms, the brand has a strong trust capital that is maintained by both some of the greatest skiers in history and by the millions of skiers who live their passion for skiing. thanks to its ever-changing products. The used skis of this brand are an excellent opportunity to see the know-how and technicality of this Italian manufacturer having left its mark in the history of winter sports.