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Founded in 1948, the LANGE brand has shaken up the winter sports market by creating the first-ever reinforced plastic ski boot. Today, LANGE equips all skiers with high-quality performance, comfort and materials to provide unique sliding experiences Learn more


The quality of the equipment and accessories of sliding in general, and LANGE ski boots in particular, guarantees the comfort and safety of the athlete, whether amateur or professional.

A great forerunner, recognized worldwide in the field of ski equipment manufacturing, Lange continues to satisfy the sport's fans. Its reputation is enhanced by the sure value of its products, both on design, on comfort and safety as well as on the different techniques used in each model. The choice of shoes must be made with delicacy since the good practice of this kind of activity relies in large part on these equipment. Beginners and amateurs need good quality accessories that offer them safety and comfort. The same is true of seasoned athletes who demand excellence. Indeed, they are constantly looking for performance, and the technical characteristics of each pair matter enormously to them. All these reasons mean that the big brands that already have their reputation, like Lange, must be prioritized.


With a wealth of know-how in this field and a successful experience for more than half a century, this brand has constantly evolved and performed its products with the sole aim of providing exceptional items to its customers. Over the years, its designers and technicians have continued to conduct research to renew and update its product lines. Man and woman, big and small, everyone will undoubtedly find the ideal pair that will allow them to engage in this activity. Flex and fit for All Mountain, track, racing and junior are available. The various ranges come in a variety of sizes to be able to adapt to each morphology and width of the feet. Each model proudly displays the qualities that define the brand's items. They were designed with top-notch materials.

Acquiring good equipment sometimes requires a large budget. The best alternative to having products from the big brands would be to use LANGE ski boots, as suggested here. Second-hand items, our skis and shoes preserve their original characteristics and quality. Also check out all our LANGE used ski boots for maximum comfort on the slopes!