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Although the brand made its debut by making wooden sleds, FISCHER is now a reference in the winter sports market. The Austrian brand has based its success on its desire to always innovate and revolutionize the world of skiing.  Learn more


Fischer is a well-known name among alpine sports enthusiasts. But do you really know the history of this Austrian brand? We have traced for you the outlines of this adventure begun in 1924, when a certain Joseph Fischer decides to live from his passion... Joseph Fischer founded his eponymous company in 1924. From the beginning, the goal is clear: to live from one's passion, that is, alpine sports. The business is thriving. It must be said that in these years, skiing is still an area that few companies explore. When the brand arrives with quality skis and ice hockey equipment, success is immediate. The Austrian company is known but without experiencing the success of today. Ski boots are added to the Austrian company's catalogue.

But a few years after the launch, competition is getting tougher and harder. To fight, there is of course the quality of the products of the FISCHER brand. But the competitors have also made good progress. The brand's products suffer from an image deficit. Prices are well placed, but this is not enough to boost sales. The time has come, as early as 1972, to diversify the range, extending to all winter sports equipment and ski boots. In 2009, the brand made good progress, opening up to a discipline attached to winter sports: tennis. Success is on the agenda and the Austrian firm is back in the spotlight.


So don't hesitate to opt for FISCHER used skis. In recent years, the range has expanded widely. The choice is very wide, with ski models in designs, and varied shapes. The range is now very complete, with models for women, men and children. Ski models adapt to everyone's needs and skills. There are collections, special editions and bestsellers, which are always distinguished by an interesting value for money. For small champions, we also offer FISCHER children's ski packs at the best price!