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BURTON SNOWBOARDS (BS) is the world's leading manufacturer of snowboard equipment. Founded in 1977 by Jake Burton in Vermont, USA, the firm is now at the forefront of innovation in the equipment of this winter sport: boards, snowboard boots, bindings, streetwear, etc. Learn more


The history of this sport is intimately linked to the history of the founder of BS. Relatively new sport, its origins date back to the 1960s and 70s. Today, Jake is considered the creator of this extreme sport. As he himself acknowledges, he played a major role in bringing the sport to the world level, to the point of leading it to the Winter Olympics.

At Christmas 1977, Jake quit his job in New York and moved to Londonderry, Vermont, where he began making his first boards. At first, sales were not successful. But instead of further promoting his products, he limited himself to testing his boards and boosting the sport that is still unknown. Jake spent three years in Austria with his wife to learn first-hand the process of making skis.

Since then and 40 years later, BURTON has been a leader in the manufacture of boards, bindings, snowboard boots, coats, gloves and all kinds of technical equipment. The firm has several divisions: Anon Optics (ski goggles), RED Protection (helmets and tracking equipment), Analog Outerwear (urban clothing) and Gravis Footwear (shoes). In 2005, Four Star Distribution sold the entire section of its snowboarding businesses to BS, including Forum Snowboarding, Jeenyus, Foursquare Outerwear y Special Blend (SB) Outerwear.


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