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For nearly 70 years, the brand SWIX takes care of your ski equipment with a variety of tools involved in the performance and durability of your skis. Wax, brush, table wax, discover all the products SWIX recognized as essential throughout the ski industry. Learn more


Founded in the 40s, the brand SWIX is specialized in the production of wax and equipment for the maintenance of ski equipment. Revolutionising the world of skiing in replacement mixtures, little scientists of the time, SWIX has been the first brand to introduce the wax to the skis. Become a standard product for the professional as well as for individuals, the fart greatly helps the performance, but also to the sustainability of ski equipment. Ski Occas selected for a wide range of tools SWIX for the maintenance of your skis, brush, wax, iron wax ...


The primary function of the wax is before optimizing the compatibility between the sole of the ski and the snow surface. In effect, the humidity, the outdoor temperature or the granulation of the snow are elements that can influence the slides. The wax SWIX LF6 is used for outside temperatures ranging from -5°C to -10°C. Easy to apply with an iron to wax at 145°C, it is not fluorinated and is strongly recommended on-snow and cold. Furthermore, the wax liquid SWIX F4 UNIVERSAL is simple and fast to apply. Wherever you go, slide it in your pocket and go skiing in all serenity with this SWIX wax easy-to-use. Compatible with any type of snow, you can use a single pass to cover the entire width of your sole. As to the SWIX waxing table WAXING TABLE, it has a height that is easily adjustable to allow you to wax like a professional. With non-slip feet, it will follow you in all your winter movements. Finally, the iron waxing SWIX WAXING IRON can be used both for the maintenance of the skis for the snowboard. In effect, this iron to wax with its constant speed allows you to prepare your equipment prior to winter but also to maintain and increase its sustainability after the season.