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Founded in 1945, the BLIZZARD brand is now known for its expertise, know-how and innovations. Discover a wide range of piste and all-mountain skis for the whole family! Learn more


A subsidiary of the TECNICA Group, the BLIZZARD brand specialises in the manufacture of rigid and efficient racing skis. It was a former soldier of the Second World War who decided in 1945 to take over his father's carpentry workshop. In the 1950s, BLIZZARD sponsored skiers who won the World Championships and even the Olympic Games in 1964. Today, the BLIZZARD brand continues its innovations and continues to equip the best athletes in the alpine skiing industry. At the same time, the brand has expanded its range by offering freeride, freestyle and all-mountain skis to meet the needs of each discipline. 


The RACING BLIZZARD men's ski pack is designed for all speed enthusiasts. Powerful and instinctive, it is a successful short-turn piste ski that provides control and precision. In addition, the BRAHMA BLIZZARD ski pack is the legendary model of the brand. These versatile skis are aimed at committed skiers who want to race on and off piste. Demanding but manageable, they will allow you to discover new sensations of sliding on any type of snow. For future champions, discover the VIVA IQ JR. BLIZZARD kid's ski pack. Perfect to start, it guarantees children their first experiences on the track. Handy, playful and gentle, these used BLIZZARD skis allow children to evolve at their own pace. 


Are you looking for ski gear for your next winter sports holiday? But you don't want to buy new equipment. We have a very advantageous solution for you, which will bring you full satisfaction! The brand represented in our shop is above all, for you, a great choice of used ski pack and used ski boots to really equip you at the best price, with solid equipment, quality, which you will be fully satisfied on The tracks.

You will be able to find, depending on the ski you want to practice, the skis you need, depending on what we have in the shop. Our skis are aimed at adult men and women, from intermediate to expert level. It is also possible to equip the children, from the beginner level, so that the juniors can also go skiing, with confidence, and safely. Our shop will offer skis perfectly suited to what you plan to do on the slopes, because there are several types of skis, for all moutain, freeride, etc. Our sliding team will help you choose the equipment that's right for you.

On the shoe side, we offer you a good choice, in order to suit as many people as possible. Indeed, the choice of his men's used ski shoes is not done lightly, several important points are to be taken into account before the purchase. Thus, the proper maintenance of the foot, the tibia, among others, are paramount. This avoids injury during your ski sessions. You can count on us to help you in the best way to choose your shoes. Trust our online ski equipment store, where you'll find everything you need!