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Having participated in the democratization of winter sports, the DYNAFIT brand has revolutionized the practice of skiing. Founded in 1950, this Italian brand launched the first looped ski boots. Thanks to its innovations, DYNAFIT sponsors several athletes at the Olympic Games in 1964 but also at the Downhill Ski World Cup. Learn more



DYNAFIT products have made a profound impact on the history of skiing. In constant research and development, the Italian brand reveals all its know-how and attention to detail in each of its ski boots. Combining innovation, comfort and performance, DYNAFIT ski boots are aimed at all lovers of snowy open spaces.


The Italian brand remains today a leading brand in its market. Disrupting the ski disciplines, DYNAFIT creates ski equipment for beginners and professionals alike. Handy and tolerant, cushioning every step, discover the used skis DYNAFIT.

This winter, push your limits with the DYNAFIT SEVEN SUMMIT used ski pack. Designed to reach the tops and cross the steepest slopes, it gives you agility and smooth glide. Offering an excellent weight-stability ratio, these DYNAFIT touring skis push the limits of nature and offer you incredible ascents.


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