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Founded in 2005, the DPS brand was launched by two professionals and ski enthusiasts, Stephan Drake and Peter Turner. Inspired by surfboards, DPS skis combine technology, fun and performance.  Learn more


Created by professional skier Stephan Drake in 2005, the American brand DPS specializing in ski touring is distinguished by its neat lines and unique shapes. Based in Salt Lake City, DPS innovates every season to meet the needs of the most demanding skiers. DPS is now recognized as the first brand to make a carbon fibre ski.

Designed by a fresh snow enthusiast and for freeride enthusiasts, DPS touring skis have revolutionized the way we ski.


DPS skis promise unique powder experiences. True concentrates of technology, DPS used skis will take you to unexplored territories! Ultra-strong and manoeuvrable, they guarantee powder flotation and innovative construction to facilitate ascents.

The WAILER 99 F DPS men's used skis stand out for their versatility and progressive rocker. Indeed, these freeride skis will be true allies to the climb and will give you incredible sensations of skiing in backcountry. Developed for all freeride-rando enthusiasts, they offer incredible glide comfort and flawless grip.

Our team of professionals has completely overhauled and repaired the DPS used ski park. Ready for the glide, their sole has been refilled and waxed to accompany you throughout the winter season. If you would like advice on a pair of used men's skiing, all our experts are listening.