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Waxing and sharpening are essential steps to prepare for and maintain your ski equipment. Thanks to the tools VOLA RACING , you can enjoy the incredible thrill of gliding on any type of snow ! Brush, wax, sharpener, squeegee, maintain your equipment like a pro ! Learn more


Created in 1935, the brand VOLA RACING provides solutions to gliding as well to professionals as to individuals. Thanks to the tools VOLA RACING, you can prepare, maintain, and increase the durability of your ski equipment. Because the preparation and maintenance of skis is essential to keep it in good condition and enjoy longer of his equipment, VOLA RACING offers you a range of simple tools to use. Whether you are passionate about ski racing, a passion of freeride or enthusiast, cross-country skiing, each accessory VOLA RACING comes to adapt perfectly to your practice. Discover a wide range of wax ski tools and for themaintenance of the skis on the Ski Opportunity !


The wax VOLA RACING MX WAX is used when the outside air vacillates between -14°C and -4°C. Due to this block of 500 g, it will accompany you throughout the season and will meet the expectations of professionals as well as individuals. Optimizing the performance of your soles, the wax has to function first to significantly improve your grip on snow and as well guarantee of good sensations. Moreover, thesharpener VOLA RACING allows you to change the angle of the edge to get the best performance carving at a competition. The vice VOLA RACING allow you to maintain your skis to where you are. Easy to fix, you can use it for sharpening or waxing of your ski equipment. Finally, the iron wax VOLA RACING JOURNEY wins easily in all of your winter adventures. Simple to use, it allows you to prepare, but also to maintain your skis, your snowboard, and even your cross-country skis. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, it provides a good grip, and will become essential to boost your performance on every type of track.