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Since 1991, the brand ROXY has upset the sports with collections combining femininity and sophistication. His collections are bold apply to all riding seeking the pleasure of gliding, the comfort and the creativity of the clothes. Immerse yourself now in the world of skiing with the range of ROXY ! Learn more


Wanting to revolutionize on the sportswear female the brand ROXY made sparkle to your wardrobe since 1991. In the mountains such as at the beach, the products that ROXY will be accompanying you during your outdoor activities with style and sophistication. A subsidiary of Quiksilver, the brand continues to grow, offering products exclusively to women in the field of sports. Surfing on the wave of fashion, ROXY combines the passion of the glide and lined original, to fill a maximum of generations of riding. Strong of its success, the brand built its identity around strong values, such as sharing, the passion of the outdoor and freedom.


This winter, the ROXY brand is going to cover the ski runs of colors and fun with skis innovative with bold designs. The ROXY ski pack BLACK MAGIC JIB to delight riding enthusiasts of huge on-and off-track. Versatile, these skis are easy to handle and fun offer a good stability to ride the fresh snow and send in your best tricks. With a twin tip, they will be light and you will enjoy a good reception. As for the ROXY ski pack HOCUS POCUS, they cater to skiers from beginner to intermediate level want change snowpark and half-pipe. In fact, these freestyle skis are very handy and are easy to take in hand. Perfect for riding the boisterous who don't do anything ! Finally, the ROXY skis DREAMCATCHER 85 skis are all-mountain to go from the track to off-track in a blink of an eye. Thanks to their rocker-and their skating result, they will make you float in powder and will ensure you a unique sensation of gliding.