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Founded by a French ski champion, LACROIX is a bold luxury brand that blends elegance and performance. With high-end skis that perfectly meet the requirements of the discipline, LACROIX accompanies you on the slopes with iconic collections.  Learn more



Since 1967, LACROIX blows a wind of luxury and elegance on the ski slopes. Created by a former ski champion French, the brand is synonymous with excellence, know-how and performance. Since its inception, the collections ALSO reflect the brand's values, that is to say, the taste of the beautiful, but also the research of the perfection, and the requirement of the performance. Each product LACROIX combines refinement, and vintage aesthetic that perfectly reflect his DNA. Ski Occas offers you to discover LACROIX ski pack to allow you to discover this ancestral know-how and these elegant lines to take advantage of the expertise of the brand on the ski slopes.


The skis LACROIX have clean lines and performance to meet your expectations. At the height of your requirements, skis LACROIX blend harmoniously elegance, purity and innovation. The women ski pack LACROIX PEARL is slender and very elegant. These skis are high-end and very chic and cater to skiers looking for before all the fun of gliding. Thanks to their structure Full Cap, they allow skiers to have greater stability and search speed. As for the pack ski LACROIX ICERUNNER, it is open to all skiers involved who do not wish to choose between piste and off-piste. True weapon of adrenaline, these all-mountain skis give you both momentum and accuracy on any snow confused. Wrap the curves, and gain the agility to each exit of the turn for maximum fun.

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