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You've chosen your  used ski package  and then your used ski boots , but you're missing the ski accessories ! Indeed, a complete ski outfit must incllude  ski poles , a ski helmet but also socks so as not to get cold feet! On Ski Occas, we offer a wide range of essential accessories to ski in the best conditions. Learn more


This winter sport's gear is essential. Offering balance, stability and good posture, ski poles contribute to the skier's performance. Ski poles are an integral part of the skier's equipment as it helps optimizing curves's engagement or to encourage a change of direction. Adjustable, in carbon or aluminum, discover our selection of robust and efficient ski poles to ski both on and off the slopes.


An essential safety gear, the ski helmet protects in the event of a fall or collision but is also appreciated for its comfort. Indeed, it insulates from cold and keeps you focused on skiing giving you confidence. For your next sessions, take a look at our used ski helmets offering the latest technology and great freedom of movement. Discover our CAIRN ski helmets or our HEAD ski helmets for maximum winter sports' enjoyment. As for ski masks, it offers an optimal visual field to anticipate height difference on the slopes and protect you from sunrays. 


Combining comfort, insulation, protection and support, ski socks are an essential accessory for winter sports. Reducing the risk of discomfort and irritation, they protect the feet and sensitive areas for maximum comfort throughout the day. Breathing, they protect you from the cold and regulate the temperature to keep your feet warm and dry.