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A true reference in the world of freeride, the ARMADA brand founded in 2002 by JP Auclair offers a wide range of skis for all practices. ARMADA has been able to establish its reputation thanks to its knowledge of the skiing world but also thanks to its passion for skiing.  Learn more



Created in 2002 by professional skiers and friends, the ARMADA brand has quickly become a real reference in the freeride and freestyle world. Indeed, it has changed the market of sliding by making skis with original, neat and innovative graphics. The proriders behind the project revolutionized the stagnant snow sports industry by creating an authentic lifestyle and skis in their own image.

The backcountry and the snowpark will no longer have secrets for you!


A true family of athletes, the ARMADA brand combines passion, innovation and design. Inspired by the landscapes around them and their passion, The founders of Armada have never stopped innovating and creating skis that meet the needs of the most demanding riders.

Whether you're a fan of the slopes and groomed snow or the untouched snowy open spaces, ARMADA freestyle skis will take you to all terrains. Offering stability, flotation and control in all circumstances, nothing can stop you from skiing! THE used ARMADA skis are aimed at snowpark enthusiasts as well as fans of fresh snow.

This winter, create your own trail with used ARMADA skis!