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Strong of its know-how since 1938, the French brand CAIRN you team in summer as in winter with technical products for enthusiasts of outdoor. Each season, CAIRN accompanies the lovers of the great outdoors in their adventures with the facilities functional and efficient. Learn more



French brand specialized in equipment for outdoor since 1938, CAIRN promotes and stimulates the need for adventure outdoor. Its name comes from the block of stone left on the paths in order to mark his passage. Such is the will of CAIRN, allow everyone to food an unforgettable experience full of nature, and left its mark. Inspired by the environment and always attentive to the practitioners of outdoor activities, the brand designs products design and excellent performance. Today, CAIRN is continuing its innovations in the equipment of sports of mountain, and with each adore of nature in her quest for freedom.


For the winter sports remain a pleasure, think you fit a ski helmet. Highly recommended on the tracks, the helmet prevents injuries due to a fall or a collision between skiers, and reduces the physical consequences. The ski helmet CAIRN, ANDROID WHITE is an essential accessory to optimize your safety on the ski slopes. Ultra comfortable, it has a removable liner soft, combined with an integrated ventilation system to evacuate continuously the humidity. Thus, you keep your head cool and dry all day long ! Thanks to its ABS shell, it allows you to ski in complete serenity, while enjoying a great freedom of movements.