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Ski socks

Essential for comfort and protection against the cold, ski socks are indispensable for the skier. Breathable and thermo-regulating, they keep feet warm and dry throughout the day's skiing. Discover all our models for this winter! Learn more


An integral part of winter sports equipment, the ski sock is indispensable for enjoying a good day's skiing. Essential to feel comfortable in ski boots, ski socks fulfill various functions:

  • Comfort and protection
  • Heat and thermal regulation

First of all, the ski socks have multiple reinforcements to reduce the risk of irritation that can occur in the shell of the boot. In addition, they support the malleolus, heel and arch of the foot in order to reduce possible shocks after a fall.

Secondly, ski socks protect your feet from the cold by providing permanent insulation and thermal regulation. By wicking away moisture, they reduce heat build-up due to perspiration. Even at high altitudes, your feet are protected from low temperatures thanks to the breathable and insulating synthetic fibres.


After selecting your used ski boots, it's time to complete your outfit. All our ski socks are new and have never been worn. Sturdy, comfortable and warm, they will be indispensable for your skiing holiday. TORRENT ski socks for example have flat seams and reinforcements on sensitive areas. What's more, their ergonomic design hugs the shape of your foot perfectly for foolproof protection.

You can easily find men's ski socks, women's ski socks and also children's ski socks.