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For a complete snowboard ings, discover all our used snowboard bindings to ride all terrain and experience unique sliding sensations. Actively involved in performance and comfort, snow fasteners provide energy transmission as well as precise and powerful supports.  Learn more


An integral part of snowboarding equipment, bindings are chosen according to the level and the terrain of evolution. The snow bindings are used to connect the boots to the snowboard to ensure precise movement sets and good energy transmission. In addition, they actively participate in the gliding experience and the multiplication of wrinkle sensations. Composed of a chassis, buckles and a highback, the snowboard bindings ensure a good closure as well as an ankle support. In addition, they have a more or less soft flex to track movements and gain accuracy.

For more advice, please contact our team of skiers, professionals and mountain sports enthusiasts. They will help you in choosing a binding and can also guide you through the models of snowboard boots.


EVOLVE FLOW snowboard bindings are designed for a beginner to intermediate level. Maximizing the comfort of sliding, they have a low stiffness in order to follow your every move. In addition, they have sturdy curls that will stay in place even in the event of a fall. In addition, SALOMON snowboard bindings will perfectly meet the expectations of the most demanding snowboarders. Flexible and robust, they will give you all the support and comfort to boost your performance with maximum control. THE HEAD junior snowboard bindings are ideal for children who already have a good snow base. All-mountain, these bindings are aimed at all riders who want to improve their technique both on and off the track. They optimize power transmission and provide control and precision across all terrain.