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Nordic skiing is practised in ski resorts but also on the large plateaus in the valley. As with alpine skiing, it is essential to choose your equipment carefully so that it is adapted to the discipline, whether cross-country or skating. Discover a selection of Nordic ski bindings.  Learn more



Nordic skiing has become more and more popular in recent years. This endurance sport, which comes straight from the Scandinavian countries, is a mountain activity that is popular because of its accessibility. On large plateaus as well as on forest circuits, Nordic skiing combines benefits for physical health but also to disconnect from the nature.

For the practice of Nordic skiing, as for Alpine skiing, there are many models meeting very specific needs. From cross-country skiing to skating, these practices differ and the requirements are not the same. From the impulse to the gliding phase, each thrust is essential and the transfer of power is paramount.

In order to adapt your technique in the field, Ski Occas offers you a selection of Nordic ski bindings to improve your agility, power and performance.


PERFORMANCE CLASSIC ROSSIGNOL Nordic ski bindings are designed for classic cross-country skiing. Compatible with the NIS system, they optimise the transmission of power and support in order to gain control and precision.

As for the XC-BINDING PERFORMANCE SKATE FISCHER cross-country ski bindings, they will meet the needs of the most sporty cross-country skiers. Specially designed for skating, they offer excellent support and speed. In addition, they ensure precision on the lateral supports to gain control.

Finally, the XCELERATOR 2.0 SKATE ROSSIGNOL cross-country ski bindings have become a reference on the winter sports market. Indeed, with each push, the transmission of support and energy is optimised to gain in efficiency while reducing speed loss. In addition, they are very light, precise and stable to attack uphill and gain precious seconds during competitions.