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The KLINT brand was created a few years ago by Ludovic Boinnard, a Savoyard Frenchman based in the United States. Noticing the decline in popularity of skiing in favour of the more "modern" snowboard, this entrepreneur is from the beginning anxious to restore to the ski all its interest and character by relying on the pleasure of nature and the mountains.  Learn more

A brand that focuses on authenticity and quality

The brand KLINT was created a few years ago by Ludovic Boinnard, a French savoyard established in the United States. Noting the decline in popularity of skiing in favor of the more "modern" snowboard, this entrepreneur is from the beginning to make the ski all his interest and its nature by focusing on the pleasure of nature and the mountains. He also wants to stand out of the major brands producing materials always more technological in seeking to regain the ski its letters of nobility through a range of products, simple, noble, and of high quality, designed with the utmost care.

The brand offers a line of diverse models, the "all-mountain" to equipment more elaborate and suited to athletes more demanding. It is addressed both to beginners, confirmed or experts. KLINT has little by little designed models, unique and powerful, that meet the specific needs of the ski lovers :

  • the Krypto, model the most popular brand, is designed for skiers of intermediate to expert and followers of the powder. His heel and his spatula, and ensure a perfect control on soft snow, but also a grip strong on a harder ground ;
  • the Premium, versatile model, ensures maneuverability perfect powder or other ground and delivers a power transmission ideal for skiers the most experienced ;
  • the Noise, a hybrid model intended for skiers of any level, and practice on all types of terrain, has a heel and a spatula, carefully designed to adapt to all movements ;
  • the Pure, the lightest model of the range and restricted to practice at a moderate speed, ensures an absolute control on snow or in the air.

Knowing and choosing your skis

The choice of skis adapted must be according to your level, their use, their frequency of use and type of soil. They should combine comfort, safety and stability to make you safely enjoy the pleasures of skiing.

A ski is composed of three main parts developed according to the profile and needs of the user :

  • the spatula, which is the front of the ski, is cut according to a width and a curve adapted to the use, to permit maneuverability and effective absorption of shock ;
  • the pad, located under the foot, is the central part of the ski. Its width must be chosen with great care : skate wide for a use powder, or more narrow to ensure curves and perfect rotations ;
  • the heel or rear of the ski provides the change of direction. According to its design, it provides flexibility or resistance to the ski.

Thanks to a carefully arranged composition, each ski KLINT will meet your requirements. Discover with us the best choice of KLINT used skis from a brand that will provide you with the best sensations of gliding !