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Ski equipment requires different stages of preparation and maintenance. Sharpening, waxing and summer storage of your skis contribute to the glide performance and durability of your equipment. Discover all the tools for the maintenance of your ski equipment on Ski Occas! Learn more


Before the winter season, it is highly recommended to work on your soles to enjoy an ideal glide depending on the outside conditions.

To do this, you need:

- a brush and a cloth to clean your soles

- a sharpener to work your edges and gain accuracy at every turn

- a waxing table as well as an iron to apply the wax

- a scraper as well as a brush to get a nice finish

Find on our website all these ski maintenance tools to obtain a high-performance, durable and quality equipment.


Regular maintenance of ski equipment has several functions, ensuring good sliding and securing the skier. It's also a guarantee of performance and durability for your skis.

After each session, we recommend that you check the condition of your soles. If there are scratches or holes, bring candles to easily fill the holes and find a smooth and even sole. Then, with the help of a sharpener, you can rework the tilt to gain aggression and speed. Finally, apply wax on all the soles to keep a nice glide and without hooks.

To hit the slopes with confidence, find all of our waxes and maintenance tools for skis on our website.