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In order to improve your skis' performance and thus have a better skiing experience, it is essential to prepare each season and to  look after your equipment . Ski wax, sharpening and brushing, we have the tools that will help you boost your winter performances.  Learn more


Whether you're ski or snowboard fan, the maintenance of your equipment is essential. Not only will it increase your skis lifespan, but also ensure an optimal sliding sensation on any kind of snow. Indeed, season after season, you may encounter rust, holes and, wear and tear on your spatulas and edges. This will have consequences on your adventures' performances.


Ski maintenance is divided into several steps, including:

- edges' sharpening

- soles' waxening 

- excess wax' removal

- brushing

Both skis and snowboards maintenance require technical & adapted equipment. Whether you are looking for a doctor blade, wax or even a file guide, you can find all of these ski maintenance tools on our website. These different steps will allow you to effectively prepare your equipment for the winter season. Don't forget, the upkeep is a guarantee of performance but also of safety for the skier.


At the end of the winter season, after hundreds of kilometres of slopes travelled, it is necessary to think about storing your equipment, but not anywhere! In order to avoid any risk of rust, wear and tear, we recommend you to dry your skis. Then, it is essential to properly store your equipment to find them good as new the following year. We recommend that you place your skis in a dry and warm place, ideally in a bag.