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Because there is no age to discover the pleasures of skiing, SKIOCCAS offers a selection of children's ski packs . Fully repaired and reconditioned, children's second-hand skis are perfect for giving or re-giving your child a glide feel. To keep skiing fun, SKIOCCAS guarantees quality reconditioned skis controlled by professionals. Learn more


For toddlers, check out the ski piste packs. In order to gain performance and evolve on any type of piste, the children's skis will give them the first contact with the snow. To balance and move easily, discover the range of children's piste skis.

For young skiers who have already tasted the pleasures of fresh snow, check out our children's all-mountain skis. K2, COREUPT, KLINT, the biggest brands of freeride skis are there so that your child can in turn make his own mark in the powder, but also evolve quickly on the track. SKIOCCAS has also thought of skiers who want to test the snowpark. To send their first tricks, our range of freestyle skis will help them evolve on the modules with flexible and maneuverable skis.


Whatever your child's schedule, discover our reconditioned junior skis, ready to accompany them on all their adventures this winter! Nestled in the heart of Haute-Tarentaise, SKIOCCAS, a site specializing in the sale of second-hand ski equipment, has selected children's packages for each aspiring skier. Our team of professionals is at your disposal to help you choose the pair of used skis that will give your child his first sensations of sliding! Also discover all our men's skis package and our women's skis package to go skiing with your family!